Below you will find resources and information regarding our food grade grease, air compressor oils, and many of our other synthetic lubricants, including FAQs:

Wear Check

This is the new oil analysis form for Wear Check.

Mixing Oils

Frequently Asked Questions about mixing different oils Can I top off the existing compressor oil with another oil? Will I invalidate the compressor warranty by using aftermarket oils? What does mixing “different oils” mean? What about mixing “Coolants”? Why are there so many problems identified with mixing “Coolants”? What is the condition of the old […]

Compressor Oil Service Life

In getting the optimum use from Chemlube® Synthetic Compressor Oils, it is important to recognize less than ideal conditions which can contribute to shorter oil life. Following are some conditions we have encountered in the field that have necessitated more frequent oil change intervals. Contaminants 1. Other lubricants or “performance additives” 2. Airborne dust or […]


Often the subject of how long compressor oil will last at a particular temperature is asked. This depends on several factors, including application, cleanliness of air, base fluid of the oil, etc. We have predicted operating life of various compressor oils based on good operating conditions in our literature. Generally, they are: 1. 2-4000 hours […]

Esters Compatibility Guide

The following guide is intended for use, only as a guide, regarding compatibility with Ultrachem’s diester and polyolester oils and greases. The information is, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate, but all recommendations, or suggestions are made without guarantee, since the conditions of use are beyond our control. A. Seal Materials Acceptable […]