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At Ultrachem, we have been in business for almost five decades, so we understand your lubricant needs. We are based out of New Castle, Delaware and are considered a top supplier of synthetic lubricants. We are dedicated to providing quality food grade products and have built a reputation that keeps customers returning time and time again. When your business depends on vacuum pump oil or other kinds of synthetic lubricants to keep your machines working properly, look no further than Ultrachem.

We promise to deliver affordable and effective alternatives to other oil-based items. We know our lubricants are the ideal solution to jobs that do not respond to petroleum products. Our premium lubricants are made to supply superior performance and reliability through challenging temperatures and working conditions, including extreme pressure. Our products provide oxidation stability, inhibit rust and corrosion, and withstand steam, acidic conditions, and high-pressure cleaning. Our food grade lubricants also stand up against chemicals and sugary substances used in manufacturing processes. Our variety of products encompasses items like powder metal sleeve bearing oil to a special line of greases. When using Ultrachem’s food grade lubricants and other vacuum pump oils, your company will not require frequent applications or need to worry about costly downtime. Your equipment will last longer as well. All of this means low maintenance expenses, which is always a welcome relief to your bottom line.

We strive to provide the service you deserve. Although we offer a wide assortment of oils, it may not always be possible to select the best one for your specific application. If you are confused, do not hesitate to contact us. For help, call our company at (302) 325-9880. A service representative will be ready with the information you need. We are more than happy to cross reference products or recommend items that will work for your machines. For added convenience, general information questions may also be sent by email to We appreciate your business and will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.


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