Vacuum Pump Oils and Lubricants | UltraChem, Inc.

VP 22 & VP 32
VP 22 & VP 32 vacuum pump oils are designed for use in liquid ring vacuum pumps. They are based on severely hydro- treated paraffinic oils with a superior additive package that includes antioxidants, anti-wear additives, corrosion protection, and pour point depressants. They are compatible with petroleum oils and PAO’s.

VP 100 & VP 150
VP 100 & VP 150 are highly refined, premium detergent free oils designed for vacuum pump use. These vacuum pump oils are characterized by outstanding lubricating performance where oxidation, rust and high bearing and gear loading are not problems. They have excellent oxidation resistance and water separation.

VPFG 100
VPFG 100 is a synthetic food grade oil. A polyalphaolefin (PAO) custom blend fluid for improved lubrica- tion at high and low temperatures. This vacuum pump oil provides reduced volatility and is compatible with mineral oils.

VPSH 46 & VPSH 100
VPSH 46 & VPSH 100 are synthetic PAO fluids which offer excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion. They are non-foaming and have excellent water resistance eliminating formation of emulsion. VPSH 46 & VPSH 100 are stable at high temperatures but also provide superior low temperature flow characteristics, as well-performing vacuum pump oils should.

VPS3 68 & VPS3 100
VPS3 68 & VPS3 100 are semi-synthetic oils designed to provide long life under extreme conditions. They provide protection against wear, rust and corrosion. VPS3 68 & VPS3 100 resist oil breakdown due to oxidation and have excellent water resistance. These vacuum pump oils have low vapor pressure, low evaporation loss, and high oxidative, thermal and viscosity stability.

VPDE 68 & VPDE 100
VPDE 68 & VPDE 100 are full synthetic vacuum pump oils designed for long term lubrication in process pumps. They provide outstanding thermal and oxidative stability, a wide operating range and excellent water condensate separation.

VPGB 220
VPGB 220 is afull synthetic, high performance gear oil formulated for an array of medium to heavy duty applications. It is suitable for heavy duty ball and roller bearings. This vacuum pump oil provides optimum performance for a wide temperature range and exhibits excellent thermal and oxidative stability.