Applications: An inhibited, low foaming mineral acid compound for removing hard water scale, lime, rust and other oxides. This product is designed to be used as a competitive product to Rydlyme®, Sublime® and other similar products.

Ultra-Descaler is designed to remove hard water scale from industrial equipment such as boilers, heat exchange units, water cooled compressors and connecting pipe lines. This version is more pleasant to handle because it fumes less and smells better than competitive products. Yet it can be diluted with water by as much as 50% for performance similar to competitive products above. Hard water scale is removed down to the base metal with no scraping or rodding needed. It also removes metal oxides, such as rust from ferrous metal equipment and ferrous stock metal. Ultra-Descaler is suitable for use in USDA federally inspected meat and poultry facilities for descaling heat exchangers.

Ultra-Descaler is compounded with inhibitors, surfactants, defoaming agents, various diluted acids, a pleasant cover scent and a dye to help differentiate it from other materials. It contains no toxic creosols or other tar oils that require SARA title III, Section 313 reporting.

Be certain to read and understand the application procedure on the reverse of this sheet prior to using Ultra-Descaler.

Product ISO Grade Viscosity @
40°C / 100°C
Flash Point
°C / °F
Pour Point
°C / °F


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