Assembly Fluid #1

Applications Assembly Fluid #1 is designed to hold small parts in place during the assembly of complex mechani- cal assemblies. Assembly Fluid #1 is utilized for precision military applications as well as commercial applications. This fluid does not contain anti-wear additives and will completely dissolve in lubricants and hydraulic fluids leaving no residue. Using greases or materials not designed for this type of use will leave contaminants behind. Assembly Fluid #1 can be used in place of Mobil RT-403-C. Assembly Fluid #1 is an approved O-Ring lubricant.

Typical Industrial Applications: Military Precision Assemblies, Engine Assemblies, Turbine Assemblies, Transmission Assemblies Pump Assemblies, Complex Mechanical Assemblies, Commercial Assemblies

Performance Benefits: Engineered tackiness provides best hold power, Compatible with petroleum lubricants, Compatible with synthetic lubricants, including MIL-L07808 and MIL-L-23699, Compatible with hydraulic fluids, Compatible with most elastomers and other seal materials, please test with seal material before use, Nominal shelf life is 3 years from date of manufacture when stored in a dry, clean area in a sealed container

Product ISO Grade Viscosity @
40°C / 100°C
Flash Point
°C / °F
Pour Point
°C / °F

Assembly Fluid #1

1300 120 / 248 -7 / 25 0.91

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